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Integrative Psychiatry

Welcome to my psychiatry and psychotherapy practice. Joining together to create an open, caring and healing relationship, we utilize a biospsychosocial “systems” approach and developmental perspective in the evaluation process. I consider the multiplicity of factors influencing mental and physical health in children, teens, adults, the elderly, and families. These include medical conditions and biochemical imbalances; brain functioning; attachment history and developmental challenges; temperament and personality characteristics; important life events, such as trauma; status of current relationships; level of life stressors and support networks; and the spiritual aspects of health and sense of meaning. We then work in partnership to incorporate the most appropriate and effective conventional and complementary, evidence-based therapeutic modalities into your personal “health recovery plan.” These may include psychotherapy, coaching,psychopharmacology, use of vitamins and nutraceuticals, nutrition, exercise, sleep restoration, and other creative methods to support your own resilience and innate healing response. As a neuropsychiatrist, I am familiar with the functioning of various brain systems, neurotransmitters, neuroprotection and regeneration, and mitochondrial neuronal energy production as they relate to psychiatric and behavioral symptoms. I have a good deal of experience in the use of psychiatric medications and nutraceuticals to heal the brain, reduce symptoms, improve energy, and restore the highest possible level of functioning. The creative use of traditional psychopharmacology begins with a careful diagnostic process to determine when medications may be necessary, and to ensure that if they are, side effects are minimized. Any subtle underlying condition which might be exacerbated by a particular medication is uncovered, such as the use of antidepressants in bipolar disorders. Nutraceuticals, particularly antioxidants and those which help repair mitochondrial dysfunction, common to all psychiatric disorders, may also be recommended.

Compassion and Respect

I strive to provide responsive, timely and effective help with compassion and respect, when you need it. Therefore, I do not utilize a “waiting list,” but schedule evaluations and follow-up visits depending on the urgency of need for treatment. Same day, next day, weekend and/or evening appointments may be necessary in certain situations. I do not want to see suffering, dysfunction or further risk to your health or safety drag on, and recommend a level of treatment intensity which matches your level of distress. I have expertise in providing intensive outpatient treatment, and drug detoxification, and can help arrange outreach and in-home support services, group home placements, residential treatment, or hospitalization if necessary. Integrative psychiatry is by definition multidisciplinary in nature and recognizes the contribution of practitioners from different disciplines. I am committed to working closely with your own health care practitioners. I also may refer you to other physicians and health care professionals for evaluation of immunological, neurological, endocrinological or other medical issues; as well for neuropsychological assessment; coaching; CBT and dialectical behavior therapy; couples, family or group therapy; mindfulness and relaxation training; yoga; bio and neurofeedback; acupuncture; massage; chiropractic; fitness training and nutritional counseling; social skills training; EMDR; and narrative expressive arts therapy; and other approaches. In addition to my work with other health professionals, I often use a team approach with Anne Oklan, RN, CPCC, who shares my offices, when close coordination or coaching may be particularly beneficial. Anne specializes in ADHD Coaching, and Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness approaches with adults, teens and children. She often incorporates therapeutic journaling and Narrative Expressive Arts techniques in her work. My philosophy is eclectic and focused not just on “remission” of “symptoms” of disorder, but on “recovery”, and achieving good health, a higher level of function; and a renewed sense of purpose, meaning, and joy. I believe it is truly a privilege to be in a position to help others, and make a difference in people’s lives and future.