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Here are Some of the Comments Dr. Oklan's Patients Have Made on Review Websites Such as; RateMDs, HealthGrades, Yelp, etc.

My interactions with Dr. Oklan have always been very positive. I never leave without feeling better than when I went in and inevitably leave knowing this doctor genuinely cares. I am so thankful to have found Dr.Oklan. He is an exceptional clinician with excellent diagnostic skills who is also committed, caring and kind. He is up to date with current therapies and pharmacology and he thinks twice before prescribing. This doctor is a rare find AND a keeper. He listens. And, he follows up, makes himself available. and returns your calls, every time. He doesn't leave you hanging... And on top of that, he is the kindest and most compassionate doctor I've ever met. This man has changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful. No joke!

–Andra C • 1/11/2015

My experience with Dr. Oklan is that he's an excellent diagnostician, compassionate, extremely responsible, and really up to date on the latest in psychopharmacology. He is prompt in responding to phone calls, is very careful when prescribing medication and is astute in his judgment of the efficacy pertaining to certain medications. He is not a by the book professional who throws medications at particular diagnoses based upon advertisement either by the medical field or by pharmacology companies. This thoughtful, competent and caring professional is highly recommended for individuals suffering from any one of the panoplies of mental health diagnoses.

–Sahil C • 10/12/2012

"My Life Has Changed." I am an adult with ADHD. Now that I have been receiving treatment by Dr. Oklan I can't imagine life without proper treatment. Dr. Oklan is very patient (you have to be with me) and very wise about my mental health. He also takes time to explain what is going on. I highly recommend him to anyone."

–Bobbi C • 3/3/2011

"Dr. Oklan is an excellent diagnostician, compassionate, very knowledgeable about medications. I have been seeing Dr. Oklan for 4 years; he is brilliant in diagnosing a problem, recommending the right medications, and doing so with compassion and humor. He is also an expert listener, he really hears what you have to say and what you mean. I highly recommend Dr. Oklan for any mental health issues anyone may be having."

–Anon • 2/12/10

"For many years a close family member suffered from bipolar depression. It is difficult to watch someone year after year curled up on the sofa not wanting to participate in life. On the first visit with Dr. Oklan, she was diagnosed and medically treated. Thanks to dr. Oklan, she lives a happy, outgoing life...travels, reads books, and attends social events. Our family is forever grateful to Dr. Oklan!!"

–Anon • 11/2/10

"He is practical, direct, and very insightful: minimal psychobabble and very smart."

–Anon • 1/20/10

"I have been going to Dr. Oklan for 5 years and I cannot speak highly enough of him. He is extremely competent and a very knowledgeable psychopharmacologist."

–Laura H •  2/4/10

"Dr. Oklan has been a great help to me. I owe him a lot. His prescriptions and advice have changed my life for the better! Everyone I know has seen a big difference in me. Thank you, Dr. O.!"

–Jay C • 1/28/10

"Dr. Oklan is especially good with complex decisions on medications. And he has been very quick to respond to emergencies—he is always available, which is crucial to us in our situation."

–Joan R  • 1/19/10

"Dr. Oklan is a brilliant diagnostician and understands medications as well as any psychiatrist. He is persistent and creative in providing the best possible care to his patients..."

–Jeff F  •  1/19/10

"Appointment was timely. The Doctor listened and made me a part of the solution. I am having a very positive experience with this doctor. I would recommend him. The staff was very helpful and responded the day I called with all the information I needed to obtain my first appointment."

–Anon • 3/6/10

"Dr. Oklan is very responsive and is often available to see new patients within a few days if necessary. His office manager, Jane Howard (510-339-0405) is a gem and very helpful. She can email office policy and fee information and questionnaires, and help schedule the initial extended evaluation. Dr. Oklan is a compassionate and experienced adult, adolescent and child psychiatrist."

–Anon • 3/6/10

"Dr. Oklan literally saved my life for which I am forever grateful. His knowledge of psychiatry and psychopharmacology is excellent. I was a psychiatric nurse in the same county for years and had a good pool of MDs to compare him to. I recommend him unequivocally."

–S.S., R.N. • 3/20/10

"The best child psychiatrist in Marin County."

–Anon • 3/20/10

"I recently went through a manic-depressive episode, and he went far beyond the call of normal duty in response. It was very impressive. Good docs are to be treasured, and this one is in that category."

–Anon • 12/13/07

"Dr. Oklan was practical, knowledgeable, and supportive."

–Anon • 4/21/07

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